BT Sport

Unless I’m talking to someone ‘in the business’, I find it’s always difficult to try and explain exactly what I do at work in an understandable way. Have you ever had that conversation with a relative? For me, the conversation usually ends with an agreed ‘something in television’.

For the past 4 and a half years, I was the Continuity & Navigation Manager for BT Sport, essentially the gatekeeper of the company’s brand and promotional strategy on-air. In my day to day role I managed the continuity elements for the channel; whenever you heard a talky bit between programmes, that was down to me. I also created and distributed a strategy for promoting upcoming programmes and fixtures during programmes as well. If a graphic popped-up on screen with upcoming show information, it was because I wanted it to appear at that point in that programme. It might even have convinced you to tune in!

Thankfully at BT there’s a lot of creative freedom given to the channel’s owned airtime. That is, the time allocated each hour for self-promotion. This allows for a lot of innovative ways to engage with the audience, from ‘brand chants’ (which are 3 second phrases, sayings, slogans related to the programme) to website links or highlights from social media. It was my job to ensure these happened in the best place, being aware of any sensitivities they might provoke too and to monitor the effect they were having.

That’s a very broad and simple explanation really, so here are a few screen shots that you may be familiar with:

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