If there’s one period in time I’d love to travel back to, it’d be the 1950’s. The sharp suits, the start of the space race, but most of all… the cars. The new age of horsepower, the V8 engine and the dawn of the mighty muscle! Well obviously time travel is not happening any time soon, so the next best thing is a trip to Cuba.

I’d wanted to visit for years. Possibly one of the only places in the world where time literally hit the 60s and just stood still. I won’t get into the politics of it all, but for me the romantic notion of sipping a Mojito in Sloppy Joe’s bar, a sultry sashay in the streets of Havana or taking a ride in a classic Chevy was just too enticing.

Here’s a little taster of my travels:

Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cuba.

Trinidad; a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cuba.

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