Rule Britannia!

So, Will and Kate got hitched. By now, you’re either beaming with National pride or you’re sick to death of all the coverage. Did you watch the Beeb or did you watch Phil & Julie? Did you have a street party? Was Beatrice’s hat just about the worst thing you’ve ever seen? So many questions that in all honesty have been answered to the nth degree by now. But just for the record, yes, that hat was hideous…

Living in London, I hear about big press events on pretty much a weekly basis. There’s always something to keep the paps in business, whether it be a film premiere in Leicester Square or a major sporting event of some description and if it’s something that interests me, I always face the same dilemma; ‘Should I get on the tube and go and see what it’s all about?’. Largely, the answer to that is normally ‘no’. Blame it on my age, or call it apathy in general, but it really does take something fairly special to motivate me into action.

I was 3 when Charles & Di got married. We had a street party. If my memory serves me correctly it rained… The same happened a few years later for Andrew & Fergie too! Still, as a 7 year old by then, I found it really exciting that we had proper ‘Road Closed’ signs from the council and all the neighbours were out with tressle tables, home-made food and bunting tied around the street lamps. Even Mr Johnson from no.25 got in on the act with a hand-made, fully-iced Victoria sponge! As he was a fairly reclusive man, this was quite a big deal. Now sadly, and I only really thought about this last week, I hadn’t experienced anything to match it in the last 25 years….

So, Royal Wedding fever took hold! I just *had* to go and experience it all for myself.

Fans of William & Kate at Royal Wedding

Royal fans interviewed by the media at William and Kate’s Wedding.

The atmosphere was just electric. A cliche maybe, but there’s just no other way to describe it. Walking around seeing people camped out, strangers meeting over a common interest, it just made you smile. It was a mood-lifter. There were cameras and reporters everywhere from every nationality and considering the potential security risks, access was quite open. As you’ll probably have gathered by now, I’m a bit of a TV geek, so getting a chance to see how everything was being put together was fascinating. A brief appearance on NBC’s ‘Today’ Show was unexpected but thrilling, Huw Edwards chatted with fans through a security cordon and let’s just say a wave from Phillip Schofield puts a grin on your face too.

If anything, I think the wedding restored a bit of long lost British pride for many, me included, and it might just have put ‘GB Inc.’ back in business for worldwide tourists. I can only hope that come next Summer, with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic celebrations on the cards, we’ll all be feeling the same sort of national pride that comes from your country putting on a spectacular show for the rest of the World.

You might not like the Royals, you may be of the opinion that it’s all a waste of taxpayers’ money, but one thing’s for sure, it certainly brought back that excitable spirit of my youth, and that’s something I’ll always remember. Plus, it was just a really good excuse to eat lots of cake…

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